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Computer accuracy, the best equipment and the highest technology are used for the desired result.


The best thing about @-aligners is that you will not feel they are there. They will not cause pain or discomfort; you can remove and restore it as many times as you need.


  • @ -aligners are the right solution for assured result. Straight teeth and beautiful smile in very little time!

Why choose @-aligners treatment?

We turn research and insights into new ways to shape more smiles.

More comfortable and better-fitting aligners


New aligner features to treat more kinds of cases


New ways to plan and control tooth movements



janë më të rehatshme dhe thuajse pa asnjë efekt dhembje.

Any orthodontic treatment is possible with @ -aligners technology. Once a fast and accurate 3D scan of your teeth is done, the optimal diagnosis and solution for your case is determined. These cases can be: Open bite, Overbite, Underbite, Crowded teeth, Crossbite, Gap teeth, etj.
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    Pyetjet më të Shpeshta!

    You set up consultation with the doctor to study the case. Once it is determined that the case can be handled by transparent aligning, the 3D scan is done from which the total calendar is extracted with the expected final result.
    Each case is personalized and varies depending on the complication to be treated. Aligners are generally the optimal cost-time solution, bringing you faster results than brace treatment.
    The plan should be followed according to exact computer calculations. If you lose an aligner you should see a doctor right away to give you the fastest replacement solution.
    Each aligner should be held 20-22 hours a day. So it should be removed only in cases of food consumption and brushing teeth. Keeping them does not interfere with your daily activity, so they are easily manageable.