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Our clinical Services

Transparent Aligning with @-aligners!

The specialists of @ -aligners laboratory will follow your clinical case step by step. The procedure starts with a 3D scan of your mouth which helps them examine the problem and draw conclusions about the treatment you need. Throughout the treatment they will instruct you on how to put on and use the aligners; the time during which you have to put them up to the predicted result, regardless of the case, however complicated it may be.

Treatable cases!

Many people believe that transparent aligners are effective only in treating minor orthodontic issues. And so the question arises: Is @ -aligners treatment right for you?

The fact is that for 96% of people the answer is YES. If you just want to love your smile a little more, if you think you have a particularly difficult case (ranging from jaw problems to misplaced teeth), if you are a teenager and your teeth are still developing, see what @-aligners treatment can do for you.

From the simplest movement of the teeth to the most complex cases, “ALIGNING WITH TRANSPARENCY “ technology can help you achieve your clinical goals.

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